With your help, Jason & Kelly will hike 100 miles in one weekend—and raise $5,000 for Shenandoah National Park!

Arlington, 8/29/11 week

This week’s hikes have taken to the streets of Arlington as Jason and I have both been busy taking care of other stuff.  I started my day on the 29th at the DMV renewing my expired driver’s license!  My advice is to not let this happen.  When you have an expired driver’s license you are unable to purchase beer at Fenway Park.  I shuttled the kids to and from camps, took care of some organizing at home and did some menu planning for a little fundraiser I had on the 31st. 

Jason hung out with his daughter Sophie and recovered from a major bike ride in Massachusetts over the weekend.  He mapped out our itinerary and together we worked with Susan and Julie from the trust to iron out details for Radical Reels!  We are so psyched for the evening and look forward to meeting cool people from the trust and the Hundred Mile Club.

Transportation has been secured for our journey to Charlottesville and Waynesboro for the commencement of the Crooked Trail 100.  Thanks to Scott, we will have a ride from Arlington to Culpepper.  There we will antique for a bit before my friend John picks us up and takes us to Charlottesville.  We will meet Annie there for Radical Reels, and she will take us to her home in Waynesboro for a good night’s sleep before dropping us off at the trail early on the morning of the 16th.  Phew.  I love that the pieces of the puzzle are settling into place.

Along with major help from my friend Julie, I hosted a fundraiser for the SNP Trust last night.  Julie sells Silpada Designs jewelry, and we had a sip ‘n see at my home.  The invitation came to sip wine, have a snack, and see jewelry, with the opportunity to buy if interested.  My generous friends had fun, ate savories and sweets (Jason’s chocolates and Michel’s macarons, thank you gentlemen!), and bought silver jewelry!  A lot of it!  I am completely delighted with the success of the evening. 

My party remains open through Friday for anyone interested… www.mysilpada.com/julie.wells

Huge thanks to Julie as she donates 25% of the sales to the Crooked Trail 100.  Even my Liam got it:  Wow, Momma, so your friends get to support your hike AND get jewelry?  Yup!  Nice.

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