With your help, Jason & Kelly will hike 100 miles in one weekend—and raise $5,000 for Shenandoah National Park!

Today is a good day!  The weather is BEAUTIFUL.  I am ready!  Jason and I have been texting each other since about six this morning… Did you see the Washington Post article?  Is your pack as full as mine?  What can we leave behind?  What else do we need to bring? 

I am down yet another pair of Smartwools thanks to Fenway.  Why does  she love them so much?  When she came walking down the hall this morning with one of my hiking shoes in her mouth… yikes.  The shoe is fine.  She was helping me pack.

My kids were excited to do my last official training walk with me this morning.  We walked to school together.  Liam is excited for me, as excited as a 9 year old can be without being too showy.  Charlotte pranced the whole way to school; she is thrilled with her mention in the article.  She thinks the article is about her.  7 year old girls are awesome.  Luke is protesting my leaving for three days.  He’s a Momma’s boy, and he simply does not want me gone.  He will be cool though.  He marched right into school this morning with his backpack on, saying hi to Georgia and Zach patrolling the doors, and owned the place. 

Our friend Chris took this picture for us.

The emails, calls, posts, and texts are awesome!  I am as ready as I will ever be.  Please know your support is paramount.  Keep it coming.  We need it! 

Scott and Bernie are due any time to pick me up.  We will get Jason and head to Culpeper where we meet John.  He takes us to Charlottesville where we meet Annie, and finally all of our new friends from the Trust!  We can hardly wait.

We will write more when the opportunity arises.  Cheers!

Comments on: "Bluemont Trail, Arlington 9/15/11" (1)

  1. Amy Johanek said:

    Best of luck Kelly – to you and Jason – you can do it!!!!

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