With your help, Jason & Kelly will hike 100 miles in one weekend—and raise $5,000 for Shenandoah National Park!

About Jason & Kelly

Jason Andelman lives and works in the vibrant Arlington, Virginia suburb of DC.  He rediscovered his connection to Shenandoah National Park when he used it as a training ground for climbing Mt. Rainier. The countless hours he spends trekking the trails and the unmatched peace and serenity he finds there inspired him to give something back, and thus this crazy 3-day hike was born. His interests in hiking, cycling, and mountaineering keep him pretty busy, but never too busy for his wife and 2 little girls. Jason also owns a chocolate boutique called Artisan Confections, where he crafts small-batch treats (when he isn’t playing outside). 

Jason’s contagious enthusiasm for the park quickly infected his friend Kelly Holland, who also lives in Arlington with her husband, 3 kids, black lab, and gecko.  As a mild-mannered interior designer by day, Kelly craves travel and nature as inspiration for her work.  The shapes, color, and textures of the park feed her imagination while the fresh air keeps her present and grounded.  She’s always up for a hike and can’t resist taking advantage of every trail the area has to offer.  Whether it’s just a quick romp around her neighborhood or a 100-mile fundraising venture, Kelly finds strength and inspiration to keep going in the support of her family and friends.

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