With your help, Jason & Kelly will hike 100 miles in one weekend—and raise $5,000 for Shenandoah National Park!

Jason is back! Thank goodness. I was ready for a hike this morning. We debated keeping it local and going for distance versus going to the park; the park won! I actually had the chills from the cool mountain air as we got out of the car this morning at the Weakley Hollow parking lot. Did you read that, Arlingtonians and other friends melting this summer away? It was a wonderful sensation! We headed up the fire road to the trailhead and saw a big bear within five minutes. He stared at us, we stared at him. He had his hiker sighting and we saw our bear. The vertical climb for Robertson is 1700 feet over 1.6 miles. The steepest trail in the central part of the park. The bottom two-thirds are way harder than the top. Jason cruised right up; I bonked halfway up. A raw bar and water did the trick and I met Jason at the top. The grassy area where he waited for me was nice and shaded. We refueled with Crooked Trail granola and berries and water.  Mmmm.

The way back down Robertson was just as wonderful as the way up.  We were feeling awesome and headed right up Old Rag.  Love that peak!!!  Those big round rocks are a sight to see and so fun to climb around.  The wind was whirling up there… check out this ‘do!

We have seen a turkey vulture or two in the park, but today when a flock of them came right up over the rocks where we were resting… yikes!  The image below was taken from my seated spot just before those turkey vultures came up.

Here is Robertson from Old Rag.  We watched that cloud move all around the mountain.

The trip back down was efficient and rounded out our great workout.  All things considered, the trip was fast and we logged some good miles.

We had a little time on our hands not needing to rush back to Arlington, and when Jason asked if I wanted to go antiquing, I answered that I always want to go antiquing!  Hiking and antiquing in the same day is as good as fly fishing and antiqing in the same day.  (Thanks, Rich, for an awesome day last August!)  We made a quick stop into Copper Fox Antiques, which Jason knows about because of the distillery next door.  A quick glance of the place and I knew I needed to come back.  I snapped a bunch of pictures, saw many great pieces, and found a coffee table formerly known as a shoe store bench for Lauren and Patrick!  I will visit again soon, and may purchase a few more pieces from this little visit.

After antiquing, it was early afternoon so we went to Warrenton to Renee’s for lunch.  I finally made it to Renee’s.  A year and a half ago my master craftsman friend Bill from Old Town Woodworking told me that Renee’s was superior to another well-known Warrenton destination.  Friendly service, comfortable atmosphere and great food.  Bill was right!


Comments on: "Robertson Mountain & Old Rag, 8/08/11" (3)

  1. Holy moly! I’m exhausted just reading this! You two are awesome.

  2. Just for the record, I only suggested stopping at Copper Fox because I knew interior designer Kelly would like to check it out. I don’t normally go out of my way to go antiquing. 🙂

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