With your help, Jason & Kelly will hike 100 miles in one weekend—and raise $5,000 for Shenandoah National Park!

Jason is away this week so today’s hike was a short & sweet one along the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls, Maryland.   A brief walk downstream along the towpath leads to the Billy Goat Trail “A” section.  This rocky trail commands your attention as you are hiking & climbing over roots & rocks.  The large rock with the diagonal crack is very fun to climb, especially with little lizards scampering all over the path.

Before climbing that big rock… (self portraits can be 0h-so-flattering!?)

Once off the trail, I enjoyed watching a blue heron come up from the canal, saunter across the towpath, & continue on into the woods after we stared at each other for a few minutes.  I lost count of the turtles & the fish in the canal.  It’s nice to see so much life.  The fish were big & as I watched them feed, I got the sense they were grateful that I did not have my fly rod with me.

Next time will be worth extending the length to hike more of the trail towards Angler’s Inn.  Today’s heat & humidity kept it brief.

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  1. Don’t worry…I won’t tell Jason you’re slacking off while he’s away… 🙂

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